Conaptus Principal Jamie Ellerton on AM640 talking #cdnpoli

As summer temperatures drop, the political temperature heats up! That means Tasha Kheiridddin's weekly political panel is back for another season on AM 640.

Jamie Ellerton joined Tasha to delve into some of the biggest political stories of the week:

1. DACA cancellation – what will the fallout be for Canada? Should we take 30,000 DACA β€œrefugees” ?
2. Small business tax changes turning into political minefield – now female MDs say they may have to quit the profession – can the Liberals persist with these changes or will they have to walk them back?
3. What are the other parties up to? NDP leadership race? Tory retreat? Are Canadians paying attention?


Jamie Ellerton

Principal, Conaptus Ltd.