ONGA announces the appointment of Conaptus' Jamie Ellerton

The Ontario Natural Gas Alliance has announced that Conaptus' Jamie Ellerton has been appointed primary spokesperson. 

In a news release issued today, Jamie said "I'm delighted to be joining the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance at this important time. Natural Gas is an ally in the fight against climate change. The largest source of emissions in Ontario is the transportation sector and natural gas is 30 per cent cleaner than traditional transportation fuels. By embracing natural gas, Ontario can continue to be a North American leader in the fight against climate change, while growing the economy and creating jobs."


The Ontario Natural Gas Alliance (ONGA) is a partnership between two of Ontario's leading natural gas distribution companies, Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas. ONGA was created to help the public understand the vital role natural gas can play in Ontario's future-forward clean energy mix. ONGA is dedicated to education around the many positive attributes of natural gas, including its affordability, cleanliness and potential to fuel an economic revitalization that will create jobs and expand Ontario's economy. For more information, please visit: or @NaturalGas_ON.

Jamie Ellerton

Principal, Conaptus Ltd.