Conaptus' Jamie Ellerton writing in the Toronto Star on the politics of sex-ed

PC leadership hopefuls political response to sex ed is ‘dumb’: Ellerton

Dumb. That’s the way to describe the political response of Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidates to the new Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Social wedge issues have failed the party before and opposing a modern sex ed curriculum is setting the party up for failure again. 

By stepping on this open land mine, they have succeeded in knocking the Sudbury bribery scandal and the three OPP investigations of this government off the front pages.

For all the talk about focusing education on English, math and science, the Party needs to read the numbers and stop this failed experiment. Ninety per cent of Ontarians agree it is time to update the sex ed curriculum. In an electoral system, 90 per cent trumps 10 per cent every time.

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Jamie Ellerton

Principal, Conaptus Ltd.