Ontario PC Leadership Race - Strategy & Analysis in The Media

The Ontario PC Party was thrust into a Leadership race following the resignation of Patrick Brown on January 25.

Conaptus Principal Jamie Ellerton joined CTV, CBC, CP24, and SiriusXM throughout the condensed Leadership campaign. He was invited on as PR and political strategist to explain for viewers and listeners what was doing on behind the scenes and unpack the factors impacting the race until the very end.

You can watch or listen to some of the coverage here:

C-45: Cannabis Legalization & Ontario's Missed Opportunity

C-45: Cannabis Legalization & Ontario's Missed Opportunity

"For all the talk of wanting to take illicit cannabis off of our streets, away from organized crime, and out of the hands of Ontario’s minors, Wynne decreeing the half-baked debate done is likely setting the stage for her government’s next billion-dollar boondoggle and accomplishing none of the above."